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No More Ringing In the Ears!

When you called out healing for ringing in the ears I wanted that. I’ve been suffering annoying, constant noise for several months. There is no known cure. Several people laid hands on me, but one hand was burning hot. I looked around and it was Katie Madison’s hand. So I grabbed her hand and placed it on my right ear where the ringing manifested. 


Suddenly all of my flesh shook like teeth began to chatter, my legs wouldn’t support me and I was on the floor. I laughed. I held my jaw trying to stop the chattering. It wouldn’t stop. Crackling sounds were happening in my ear. The ringing stopped. My flesh was weak and useless. I needed help getting to the car. The glory was on me all day. My ears are healed! 

— Virginia C.

February 9, 2020

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