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Kyle Hubbart

Associate + Youth Pastor
Prayer Room Director

As you may gather from the last name, Kyle’s parents are the lead pastors! He has been part of this church since it’s founding in the late ‘90s. After a youthful season of wandering away from his roots, Jesus miraculously rescued Kyle from the jaws of death and delivered him from a debilitating alcohol addiction by pouring out His liquid, redeeming love in July of 2013. 


Ever since Kyle’s defining moment, that soul shaking encounter with the One whose love is better than wine, his life has been set ablaze with a holy passion for God’s Presence & Word, a zeal for the lost, for Israel to be saved and to ultimately to live every day with the intent to hasten the return of Jesus. Kyle desires to see Jesus get the reward of His suffering by contending for a regional revival and awakening among the youth and young adults, through focused prayer in the Lake Travis Prayer Room and weekly discipleship, meetings and Bible studies. 


Married in 2017, Kyle and Brooke have journeyed together as pastors and they find great joy in training up two beautiful children, Lane and Briggs, to be all that God has dreamed for them to be. 

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