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Suzanne Hubbart 
Children's Coordinator

Although brought up in the church, Suzanne struggled in her teenage years having many questions and fears about life and faith. In 1984, during her first year in college, she began to pray, “God please show me if you are real”. In the Spring of that year, she experienced three different “power” encounters with the Holy Spirit, as she describes them, events similar to ones you would read about in the New Testament. “I felt His presence, in a tangible way, and became aware of His reality. This has altered the course of my life.”


During this pivotal time, Suzanne fell in love with the youth pastor (ha!) who is now her husband of 28 years and the father of her beloved daughter and son, Grace and Kyle.


Having a 20 year background in public education, Suzanne brings her love of teaching to the church as well as her gift of hospitality.

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