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Donnie Kittle

Worship Director

Donnie has been active in ministry for over 40 years and has ministered in churches and ministries of all sizes, from micro to mega, in multiple denominations and non-denominational in various regions of the US. 


He was launched into Worship/music ministry after coming to Christ through a very musical youth group in Southwest Florida. He received a bachelor's degree in music education from Southwest Baptist University and started his first full time Music Director position at age 21.


Although his primary focus has been building strong worship ministries, he has also served in nearly all other areas of local church ministry including Lead Pastor, Children, Youth, Young Adults, Ministries Director, and School Principal. 


He has had multiple seasons of itinerant preaching/music ministry and does coaching and consulting unto helping individuals, and ministry organizations maximize their impact within their unique callings and spheres of influence. 


Though Donnie loves to build worship ministries of excellence and impact, he is most passionate about helping the greater body of Christ discover and grow in their God given purpose as spirit and truth worshippers and disciples. 


He and his family moved to Austin from Pa. in June 2021

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