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What's the Point?

RITH Kid's Ministry could be the first place a child has an encounter with Jesus Christ.  While Parents remain the most important faith influencers in their children's life, our ministry plays an important part in coming along side of families to reach their children for Jesus.

We also want to provide a place where parents feel comfortable in leaving their children, knowing they are being provided the best care possible.

We strive for excellence because God deserves our best and children deserve our best.


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How's it Work on Sunday Mornings?

Great question!  We encourage you to plan on arriving before 10:15am when Child Check-In starts, that way you can enjoy some coffee and donuts with your kiddos.  At 10:15 Child Check-In will open and you will check all of your children in at the RITH Kids Child Check-In Station (at the end of the Welcome Table in the main lobby).  All the check-in is done on an iPad.


If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to enter in your contact info and info for your children.  Then you will get a name tag for each child and a claim ticket that will print out for you.


RITH Kid's Baby and RITH Kid's JR are welcome to go to their classes at that time (although you are also more than welcome to keep them with you in the service) and RITH Kids (Readers-5th Grade) will be dismissed from the service to go to their class around 11:15am.


After the service, just bring your claim ticket to the Check-In station and we will bring you your kiddos!  Once you've registered your kids in the system, all you do each week to check them in is enter your phone number and select which children you are checking-in.


Don't worry - there will be someone at the Check-In station to help you each week if you get stuck.  Looking forward to seeing you and your kiddos soon!

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